Alisoun Howie: Winner Professional Artist (2019)

The winning design and its supporting narrative successfully present many aspects of Sir Andrew Parmley’s life and personality. The nod to ‘Blackpool rock’, from Sir Andrew’s home town, creates a strong structural composition for the design elements – the rock becoming the foundation for his achievements. With music at the heart of the design, a group of musicians surround a horizontal soundwave which cleverly mimics and reflects the shape of the London skyline. The depth of research is shown in the many elements included around the base of the roundel; a gryphon for the City of London, three logos for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal charities, the City of London shield, and five new bells from St. James Garlickhythe. The judges felt that this winning design will translate very well into glass
Helen Whittaker

Chair of the Judging Panel

Alisoun’s Narrative of her roundel

Music is at the heart of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and the central roundel displays five musicians in silhouette with their instruments. A vibrating horizontal line traverses the circle in the manner of a wave of sound. It represents the music of the future that will resound around the City as a direct result of the opportunities realised by the three charities supported by the Lord Mayors Appeal. With the City of London skyline rising majestically behind it, it also suggests the impact of the City of London to all corners of the City itself and the wider world as this wave of innovation and sound travels without bounds.

In lighthearted acknowledgement of Sir Andrew Parmley’s connection to the city of Blackpool, his name is proclaimed in a narrow pink border recalling the lettering in a stick of rock. At either end of this horseshoe shaped border three small white circles suggesting organ stops are a reference to Sir Andrew Parmley’s life and achievements as an organist.

The design comprises a clear central circle surrounded by borders varying in colour and shape.
The wide border in the top third of the design allows room for legible wording, proclaiming like a bright festival banner the words “Lord Mayor”.

Five Curved segments in the lower part of the outer border display, reading from left to right:

  • A griffin which is used to mark the boundary of the City as well as appearing on the Reflections of the Lord Mayor logo.
  • Three painted logo’s pertaining to the charities chosen for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal,  The date, 2019
  • The City of London shield, which is acid etched from ruby glass in order to achieve the red on white colouring,
  • The five new bells from St. James Garlickhythe which were floated down the river in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

There is a narrow golden band of silver stain on both the outer rim of the roundel and the central circle. This roundel is made using the best mouth-blown glass and traditional painting and leading techniques and is a visual fanfare of vibrant colour and detailed paintwork.