Professional Artists Competition


2020 marks the 4th year that Reflections of the Lord Mayor has offered the Glaziers’ Company an opportunity to invite the Livery’s artist members, members of the British Society of Master Glass Painters (BSMGP) and members of the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) to submit designs for the “Reflections of the Lord Mayor” roundel.

This year there will be two winning roundels that will be presented at a gala dinner at Guildhall, London, on 2nd June 2020. The recipients are Sir Charles Bowman and Sir Peter Estlin, the 690th and 691st Lord Mayors of London.


The names of the commission winners will be posted on social media by the Glaziers Livery Company and on “Reflections of the Lord Mayor” website on 24th March 2020 or soon after.

Click here to see who is on this year’s judging panel.

Julia Gonyou’s take on being #LMReflects2018’s winner and her narrative about her winning roundel

The Prize

There will be TWO 1st Prizes for 2020 – one for each Lord Mayor. There is a fixed budget for the winning artist. The price paid for each winning completed roundel and the design, will be £750 plus VAT.

As part of the prize, the winning artists will be invited to attend the gala dinner and presentation as guests of Reflections of the Lord Mayor on 2nd June 2020 at the Guildhall, London.

While no extra payment will be made for this attendance, modest travelling expenses may be met (from within the United Kingdom only), on an application.

The winner will get a complimentary page for an advertisement to promote their practice or business on the “Reflections of The Lord Mayor” in the gala dinner programme booklet (subject to agreeing with content specification), which ‘lives on’ in PDF on the website.

The winner is invited to be a member of the #LMReflects2021’s roundel judging panel.

The winner’s details will be on the website as shown as with previous winners –  and also at @LMReflects and @WorshipfulGlaziers websites.

The winner is invited to attend the Young Peoples’ Roundel Presentation to The Lord Mayor(s) at Mansion House, the official residence of The Lord Mayor.

How To Enter

Submission close on Friday 28th February 2020 at 23:00 (GMT)

Download the Entry Form: Click Here

Complete the entry form as per the instructions on the PDF

Upload your completed entry by clicking here
IMPORTANTOnly applications received via the above link will be considered

Minimum Requirements

  • The design must feature the words “Reflections of The Lord Mayor” and the year “2020”. It must also feature the name of the Lord Mayor for whom it is intended: Alderman Sir Peter Estlin or Alderman Sir Charles Bowman
  • The roundel should be nine inches in diameter and should be leaded, painted, and may include etching and digital printing, or other techniques as appropriate. It should be suitable for display on a stand (see images or incorporated into a lightbox).
  • A narrative (maximum 350 words only) that explains your design and suggested fabrication. Artistic description, 150 words maximum; technical description, 200 words maximum.
  • The designer’s name, address, email and contact telephone details and confirmation of membership of either the Glaziers’ Company, the BSMGP and/or CGS.
  • Confirmation that the design, if chosen, will be produced and delivered by the date required, and to the given budget.
  • Confirmation that the winning designer will be present at the gala dinner and presentation on 2nd June 2020 and is willing co-operate with the organisers on event promotional activities and actions as required.
  • The client (Reflections of The Lord Mayor) reserves the right to query aspects of the design with the winning entry and negotiate additions/amendments with the artist, if required.

Some pointers…

It may be a good idea to link your drawings to the kinds of pictures and details you want to draw to celebrate Sir Charles Bowman’s / Sir Peter Estlin’s work, interests and achievements as Lord Mayor of London.

You may find some information about each of them at:

Sir Peter Estlin
Sir Charles Bowman

How your pictures and details join to create the design

What colours you would like to use

If you want to use leadlines to make parts of your design stand out – think about how they will join together.

Learn more about stained glass and the Glaziers’ Livery Company (which dates back to the 1500s), visit http://glazierscompany.org.uk

Look at examples of stained glass and roundels on museum websites, such as the V&A – http://www.vam.ac.uk/page/s/stained-glass/ or The Stained Glass Museum – https://stainedglassmuseum.com or previous years’ winners – click here

Visit buildings that contain stained glass to see how this looks, especially when different lights shine through it.