Fox Primary School (2019)

“Sofia identified a good range of Sir Andrew’s attributes – education, music, London landmarks – and depicted several strong visual elements. Compositionally, the design fills the space well, is balanced, making nice use of asymmetry and good use of perspective. The design is representational and executed well through line and colour.”
Helen Whittaker

Chair of the Judging Panel

“I have drawn this because Big Ben is a famous landmark and Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are very important in London. I have drawn the English flag because Sir Andrew Parmley is the Lord Mayor of London. I have included books because he was a headmaster and he is interested in education. Also, I have included music notes in your name and in the birds in the air because I know you are very good at music and it is your passion.”
Sofia Lenior-Emanuel

Fox Primary School, Kensington