Chemical Science and Engineering of Gin  


pHure Liquors is a micro-SME that has only recently stepped out into a real commercial world, having spent the last few years applying chemical science to one of the oldest industries, i.e. one of alcohol distillation and looking to apply new ideas and innovation to this area of commerce. Based in Brighouse, Yorkshire, we have survived the major Boxing Day floods of 2015, where our premises were also severely affected, as they were for many.

At that time, the support of the local and business community was key, so much so, that we have been subsequently heavily involved in the Watermark appeal (see, donating £5 for every bottle sold to the charity. So, we have seen at first hand how the coming together of the local community can be important, all working together to accomplish incredible things to the benefit of all in the community and especially helping other businesses get back on their feet. We are, therefore, honoured to have attracted Chris Seow’s attention and are also delighted to be able to support the Reflections of the Lord Mayor, and contribute to the success of the event.

The idea behind pHure Liquors was the application of new scientific research ideas and developments to the production of a range of alcohol drinks. Our flagship product, pHure Gin, is a modern, low temperature distilled gin, for which we have developed our own distillation process. This allows us to capture all the volatime components in our carefully blended botanicals and retain them in the final gin. Even the most volatile components are retained in our gin, so our gin smells as good as it tastes.

For the Reflections of the Lord Mayor event, we are providing 50 ml bottles of our flagship gin for each guest which we will be placing at your place. We are also donating a 70cl bottle of this flagship gin for this year’s Business Card Draw.