About the event

Reflections of The Lord Mayor Gala Evening

The Lord Mayors of London are the City’s emissaries to the world beyond the Square Mile and beyond UK borders. They have a wealth of experience promoting London and the British Isles to international business leaders and to key global influencers. They help to shape public perceptions of our city and country – locally, nationally and globally.

Each Lord Mayor’s knowledge, experience and perspective is invaluable – and also unique – but in this era of rapid-paced change and rolling news, that contribution can all too easily be overlooked if we have no means of capturing and reflecting on what they have experienced and achieved or not.

The Reflections of The Lord Mayor event helps to redress this, and a core part of its mission is to create a treasury of Lord Mayors’ experiences and knowledge that will inform current and future generations.

Lord Mountevans, 688th Lord Mayor of London sharing his thoughts of his experience of Reflections of The Lord Mayor which he celebrated in 2018

In addition to creating this repository and being a channel for former Lord Mayors to share their insights and perspectives of their year in office, it has also dedicated itself to developing and promoting the talent of artists and artisans who not only enrich our personal lives with their work, but also add a dash of colour and meaning to the experience of the City of London.

Finally, if it is the Lord Mayor’s voice that speaks for the City during their term in office, I very much hope that this event will continue to capture and preserve that voice. In so doing, we can do our part to ensure the experiences and lessons of the past can influence and inform London’s present and future.

I hope you will join us in 2021 for the next event, the 7th Gala Evening when we celebrate Sir Charles Bowman’s Reflections as 690th Lord Mayor of London and Sir Peter Estlin’s Reflections as 691st Lord Mayor of London. And if you need any information about attending as a guest or supporting us as a partner, do please get in touch with me, Chris Seow at [email protected]