The Lord Mayor’s Appeal is a registered charity that provides a platform to support charities nominated by each Lord Mayor during their term of office. While fundraising is at the heart of the Appeal programme, there is also a strong commitment to mentor, help raise the profiles of the Lord Mayor’s charities and open new sources of funding for the future. The permanent structure of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal also enables the development of multi-year programmes which spans more than one Lord Mayor’s term in promoting philanthropy in the City of London and associated thought leadership topics, such as diversity and social inclusion.

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal Charity is delighted to continue to be partnered with the Reflections of the Lord Mayor event. The dinner is a fantastic way to reflect on the successes of the Lord Mayor while in office, including the impact the mayoral role has on the charities supported in that year. Any surplus from the Reflections of the Lord Mayor evening event go to the charities nominated by the Lord Mayor(s) who speaks at the event.


Sarah Hinchley, Fundraising Manager, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal Charity, 2016