The Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB)

SAGB are delighted to be sponsoring our members’ produce for the Reflections of the Lord Mayor event. Our members are donating UK crab, langoustine and scallops for the canapés for the evening reception.

 We are very grateful to have been chosen by Chris Seow, to represent UK shellfish fishermen and growers at this prestigious and very honourable event. We believe UK shellfish to be the finest in the world and as so much gets exported, the chance to showcase our produce to such a discerning audience, is something that we’re incredibly proud of. The sustainability our shellfish is of paramount importance and that value is reflected in the connection we have with Reflections of The Lord Mayor.

 We are the industry’s trade body based at Fishmongers’ Hall, by kind permission of the Fishmongers’ Company, one of London’s oldest livery companies, which is also home to the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, in the City of London.

Our membership is composed of shellfish farmers, fishermen, fishermen’s associations, processors, commercial traders and retail companies including restaurants, many of the Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authorities, organisations such as Seafish, academics, scientists, consultants and anyone with a passion for shellfish.

First founded as the Oyster Merchants’ and Planters’ Association in 1903, and renamed the Shellfish Association of Great Britain in 1969, the association has steadily extended its range of activities from “harvest to sale” in over a century of support to the industry.

Our Produce

 For the canapé reception we will be showcasing three iconic UK species:

Scottish Langoustines (Nephrops norvegicus)

These deliciously sweet little lobsters are trawl-caught in the Northern North Sea and are almost exclusively exported. Sometimes called the Dublin Bay prawn or Norway lobster, their flavour is exceptional and although more commonly recognised in the UK as scampi, the quality of meat is unsurpassed and worthy of replacement in any recipe using imported warm water prawns.

Supplier: Jimmy Buchan, Amity Fish Company Ltd, Peterhead,


Scottish King Scallops (Pecten Maximus)

The King scallop is the larger of the two commercial UK species, its smaller cousin being the Queen scallop. King scallops are caught all round the UK apart from the East Anglian coast by dredging or hand-diving. The sweet white meat is ideal for grilling or pan-frying or even as a ceviche and partners beautifully and deliciously with pancetta or chorizo. 

Supplier: Jimmy Buchan, Amity Fish Company Ltd, Peterhead,


Devon Brown Crab (Cancer pagurus)

 The common Edible or Brown crab abounds in all UK waters and can be caught throughout most of the year. Highly prized in the export market for both its characteristic white and brown meat, this iconic species is probably best known in domestic markets for its Cromer and Devon and Cornish provenance.  The meat is high yielding and suitable for inclusion in a multitude of seafood recipes.

Supplier: Trevor Bartlett, Blue Sea Crab Company,